Idaho Pasture Pig

Well after almost four years of breeding this awesome breed we have decided to take a break from breeding. We are offering our breeding stock for sale, would prefer to sell all three together, and will let go of all three for $3,000. You could have your first litters in four months instead of buying weaner pigs that you will have to raise for at least six months before trying to breed, than hope they get pregnant, and our good moms.


Our sows are both easy birthers and good moms. Our boar is a stud and has gotten his job done each time on the sows first heat cycle. Cisco our Bandit boar was brought in from Duck Creek Pastures in Wisconsin, Charlotte our Ida sow we also brought in from Duck Creek Pastures, Pin Wheel is our Black Gold sow we kept from a litter from our previous breeding stock. Please see our Sale Page for more info and pricing.


Our Breeding Stock

Boar - Cisco

We acquired Cisco the summer of 2021 from Duck Creek Pastures out of Wisconsin in an effort to bring some diversity to the bloodlines in the PNW. Cisco has a great personality, he is playful, energetic, and enjoys attention. He is developing nice muscle tone, has a good underline, and nice length to his body.


Gilt - Charlotte

We acquired Charlotte the summer of 2021 from Duck Creek Pastures out of Wisconsin too. The Ida lines is currently very limited in the PNW so we're looking forward to her offspring helping other breeders diversify their bloodlines a bit. Charlotte is a very muscular gilt with probably one of the cutest faces. She loves attention and has been a great addition to our herd.


Gilt - Pin Wheel

Pin Wheel is out of our previous breeding stock and was born spring of 2021. Pin Wheel is a nice size gilt that is well per-portioned and like her sisters is easy going and enjoys a belly rub or ear scratches. We're looking forward to seeing her offspring with Wilbur next spring.

Pin Wheel.jpg