Well after almost four years of breeding this awesome pig we have decided to take a break from breeding. We are offering our breeding stock for sale, would prefer to sell all three together at this point. Once our sows are confirmed pregnant we will sell separately, but at a higher cost per pig.


This is a great opportunity to have an established herd that is still young with many years of production left, they're only ~1.5 years old and you could have your first litters in about four months! If you purchase 6-8 week old weaner pigs you will be raising them for at least 6 months before you can attempt to breed them. Then you're hoping neither the boar or gilt are sterile, have issues with getting the job done quickly due to maturity, leaving you waiting multiple heat cycles pushing your first due date out potentially months, and finally hoping your gilts are good moms.


Our sows are both easy birthers and good moms. Our boar is a stud and has gotten his job done each time on the sows first heat cycle. Cisco our Bandit boar was brought in from Duck Creek Pastures in Wisconsin, Charlotte our Ida sow we also brought in from Duck Creek Pastures as weaner pigs in 2021, and Pin Wheel is our Black Gold sow we kept from a litter from our previous breeding stock.

Cisco is a nice friendly boar who likes back scratches, has a perfect 12 teats, the biggest testicles of the three boars we have owned, and our first boar who has gotten the job done on the first heat cycle each time. Seriously, that last one is a big deal if you have ever dealt with a boar who can't get the job done quickly it makes planning your litter due dates very difficult, and if you plan on selling breeding pairs it really sucks when one guy gets the job done right away and the other one takes several months. You end up having a litter ready to sell and the one you need to pair with just hitting the ground.

Pin Wheel is the most laid back pig we have ever owned, she is easy to give shots to, doesn't mind you picking her babies up, and is just an all around easy keeper. Always willing to just go with the flow, from moving her between pastures, to working with her babies. She has a perfect 14 teats and both births have not needed any assistance. In fact we missed her first one, we checked on her and thought she wasn't that close yet, came back out two hours later to 7 healthy babies nursing, our first daytime litter and we missed the whole thing!  Pin Wheel had 7 on her first litter and 9 on her second.

Charlotte is a sweet girl who squeaks when you give her back scratches but you also need to earn her trust and build a bit of a relationship with her. She seems to like woman more then men (might be due to I am the guy who has to give the shots). Charlotte has a perfect 12 teats, had 9 on her first litter and 13 on her second with one still born. She is also an easy birther and good mother. However, she is a protective mom if you pick up one of her babies and they scream, she will start grunting and get worked up. With the exception of Pin Wheel though that behavior has been normal for all our sows, it is just something to be aware of. You can go play with and sit with her babies, but don't expect her to sit idly by if you grab a baby and it starts screaming.

We're asking $3000 OBO for all three at this time. The girls will be cycling in a couple weeks and are in with Cisco, once they have been bred and miss a cycle we will offer them individually, but at a higher price per pig. You can see pictures of them and this years offspring below.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to come see them please feel free to call me at (208) 871-1612.

Pictures of our 2022 litters and breeding stock.