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Updated: Apr 14

Just thought I would share real quickly about our experience with Idaho Pasture Pigs. We purchased our two gilts in November of 2019 and got our boar in January of 2020. Our property is currently setup with a small dry lot and pasture. I would normally not leave animals on the pasture in the winter but we already had a steer in the dry lot and I did not want to mix the two; just to be safe.

I know all pigs root and we have raised several different breeds before, but I was a little shocked by how much our IPP's seemed to be rooting. They're fed alfalfa and a hog feed daily, but it sounds like they could still be lacking in minerals, hence the rooting. This is at least the opinion of some others who have been raising this breed significantly longer then we have. I have no reason to doubt that could be the cause or possibly it is simply due to the lack of forage since it was winter and we do not free choice feed them so we can control their weight.

The good news is since the grass has been growing I have not seen them root once in the last month or more and we have not changed their feeding regimen. Fortunately, next fall we will no longer have the cow and we will be keeping the pigs on our dry lot over the winter.

A few pictures of our two pregnant gilts and boar Max enjoying an afternoon nap and some grazing.

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