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Updated: Apr 14

I am overdue for sharing this and updating our website. It has been a busy and extremely hot summer this year, but with some exciting changes to our breeding stock line up! In June we picked up a new breeding pair from Cayla Aski of Duck Creek Pastures out of Wisconsin. Our boar from her is Bandit x Jodi and our new gilt is Triton x Ida. These are not common bloodlines for the PNW so their offspring could be great additions to diversify the bloodlines in your herd.

Last but certainly not least we also purchased a Wendell boar from Kirstin Boyer of Mouse Creek Farm out of Pennsylvania. To my knowledge we are currently the only breeder in the PNW that has a Wendell boar. We will be pairing him with two of our Max x Black Gold gilts for spring litters.

We're very excited to offer up new bloodlines to our customers and will have four litters spring of 2022. We will also be able to sell breeding pairs for the first time since we started raising this great homestead pig back in 2019.

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