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Updated: Apr 14

I don't know about you, but our pigs waste a fair amount of grain on the ground when we feed them from a feed pan. They like to grab a mouthful of grain and toss their head up, which causes grain to go shooting out onto the ground every time they take a bite.

I had some 35 gallon blue drums that I got off craigslist for $20 a piece just taking up space and decided to turn them into feeders. I cut them in half so I can get two feeders per drum.

I then used 2"x8" for the sides cut at 2' a piece. I secured the drum to the 2"x8" with five wood screws per side.

You can see from the pictures I angled the half drum to be lower in the front. I did this for a couple reasons. One, so they could get their head to the bottom easier, and two, so when they flung their head up, the higher back would catch the majority of the grain they flung, and it wouldn't just end up all over the ground.

I then put a 2"x4" across the back connecting the two 2"x8" leaving enough room between the drum and the 2"x4" to put a T-Post on each side. The T-Post prevents them from just flipping the whole thing over from the front or pushing it into the fence or hot fence.

We're setting a few of these up along one of our fence lines and placing them close to the fence so we can just dump grain or hay over the fence into the feeder. Not that our pigs are not easy to just go in and feed, but it does make it easier when we are out of town, and have a neighbor feeding our animals. This will allow them to not have to open the gate or go in with the pigs they are not familiar with.

I didn't drill any holes in the bottom to drain water because the grain we get from our feed mill is ground up pretty fine and I didn't want it just dumping out the holes. If we fed a pelleted feed I would definitely drill some holes. We will see how it goes without any and if it ends up causing problems.

I just made these, so time will tell if it will work out like I am hoping, or if they will just destroy them before we get much use out of them. :)

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