Updated: Jun 19, 2020

June 8th our gilt Pearl had her first litter of 13 beautiful healthy piglets! We were surprised as the baby pigs just seemed to keep coming early Monday morning and after number 8 we kept thinking the next one would be the last one, but to our surprise they just kept coming. Pearl did a great job giving birth to her first litter. She is doing such a great job with her litter, she moves gently around as 13 little piggies run around her, or sleep between her legs. She is always careful getting up or laying down and four days in she hasn't laid on a single pig.

The maternal instinct God created in mom's is amazing. It is always exciting to see in action and never gets old. From getting her nest ready hours before she was going to give birth, to even moving while giving birth to make sure the piglets can get access to her teats that were covered by the ground, and straw so they could nurse.

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